Uncontested friend with the unicorn, the jackalop is a small animal who’s appearance leads us to believe it results from the mating of an antelope with a jack-rabbit. From this fascinating animal was born a project that bears its name. A project oriented towards clothing design, but without boundaries.

Created in Quebec in 2005, Jackalop is a small company that wishes to stay that way. Its mandate is to create, design and make clothes mainly from local material and workforce. Since its creation, Jackalop proved itself to be among the brands which reject the ethics of globalization.

The purpose of Jackalop is to unleash an inspiration that brings joy to both our clothes designers and the happy customers wearing our brand. Jackalop is also a free space in which artists can work individually or together towards clothing art.

Jackalop also seizes the opportunity to carry through projects focused on a cause. When it is the case, it gives its profits, in part or in whole, to different organizations whose concrete actions make our world a more healthy and just place to live.

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